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#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – As #Seniors Go Into Twilight Years, Some Of Them Privately Mull ‘Rational #Suicide’

Ten residents slipped away from their retirement community one Sunday afternoon for a covert meeting in a grocery store cafe. They aimed to answer a taboo question: When they feel they have lived long enough, how can they carry out their own swift and peaceful death? The seniors, who live in independent apartments at a […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – Silent #Suicide: The Fatal Combination Of Old Age, Loneliness And Loss

KELLY KENOYER, VERONICA MOHESKY, Tom Rote, 70, sits on his distinctive jaguar motorcycle April 20 on his property in rural Harrisburg. His home is a museum of his past adventures and struggles. He was once married with dreams of a family, but his wife entered a coma after a collision with a semitrailer right after […]

#JamesDonaldsononMentalHealth – The Hidden Risks of #Suicide and #Depression for #Seniors Living in #Long-TermCare

#JamesDonaldson notes: Welcome to the “next chapter” of my life… being a voice and an advocate for #mentalhealthawarenessandsuicideprevention, especially pertaining to our younger generation of students and student-athletes. Getting men to speak up and reach out for help and assistance is one of my passions. Us men need to not suffer in silence or drown […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – Alzheimer’s Disease; Taking the Edge off with Cannabinoids?

If you’re like me, in my age group, you’ve got older parents, relatives and friends that you’ve probably noticed a slight decline in their cognitive function. It can be frustrating, especially for the caregiver. Try a healthy alternative such as CBD Oil to treat the condition. Here is a scientific research paper about how CBD […]

Complimentary Stability for Seniors ebook: Presented by The Donaldson Clinic – Tip #8

“When you’re adding exercise and/or balance activities to your routine is that you need to be able to listen to your body.  Is your body comfortable? Is it starting to become painful? Are there possible injuries occurring? You can prevent further issues by understanding and listening to your body as you exercise.”    The Donaldson […]

Complimentary Stability for Seniors ebook: Presented by The Donaldson Clinic – Tip #7

“As we grow older, our bodies are not quite as strong as they used to be. That’s why low-impact, but high result, exercises like yoga and/or Pilates can make a big difference in your balance and your health. Consider joining a class or working with a yoga teacher to get the best results. ”    […]

Complimentary Stability for Seniors ebook: Presented by The Donaldson Clinic – Tip #6

“If you commit to extra exercise that is devoted to your stability and balance, you will start to see a big difference as you continue to push yourself. Consider working with a trainer or physical therapist to ensure that you’re doing activities that are appropriate for your needs and you will see a lot of […]

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