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Come Onboard Our Indiegogo Campaign to Support Young Student Athletes

Greetings, my friends; As most of you surely know, athletics has been a huge part of my life for decades. Being a student-athlete, from high school through college,  and then on to the professional ranks of the NBA, I know the challenges intuitively of what it’s like to be a student-athlete striving toward your dream. Two […]

Introducing The Athletes Playbook

Here I am with Shaquille O’Neal at an NBA function. Shaq is a great example of “life after the game” for the retired athletes. It’s great to see. I’ll be working with quite a few former professional athletes with something new that I’m getting underway. The Athletes Playbook http://www.athletesplaybook.com/ (Launching the summer of 2017!) We’ll be […]

James Donaldson’s Brand New Ebook – Basketball A-Z: What It Takes To Make It From AAU to the Pros – A Free Gift Compliments of James Donaldson

I hope that everyone is having great weekend and all is well. Remember last week when I mentioned to you that it was my birthday? That’s always a great time of anyone’s year to receive a few gifts, cake and ice cream, and in this day and age of social media…. Birthday wishes from all […]

10 Rules for the Elite Athlete (Excerpt from Standing Above The Crowd) by James Donaldson

10 RULES FOR THE ELITE ATHLETE Professional sports are a collection of multi-billion dollar industries, and the search for new talent gets more intense and competitive every year.  It’s not uncommon for scouts to begin watching promising athletes as early as middle school, and if you have elite talent you’ll soon find yourself with an […]

NBC Meet The Press Conversation About “Should College Athletes Be Paid”?

It’s college basketball’s “March Madness” time again, and as we marvel and root for favorite teams and players, the conversation seems to come around like clockwork, on an annual basis “Should College Athletes Be Paid”? I’ve spoke on this subject several times over the years, and as I was watching NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday morning talk show today, I noticed that a poll was shown (apparently taken by the Washington […]

Standing Above The Crowd Commenting on: Ex-NBA Veteran Keon Clark Sentenced To Eight Years In Prison For Gun Charge, Vows To Turn Life Around Article

I wish the NBA (and all of the other professional sports leagues) would show some (more) compassion and concern for the guys who “fall by the wayside” and really struggle with their transition into real and everyday life.  We hear way too many of these stories and not enough about the former players who are […]

Allen Iverson Having a Tough Time Making Transition After The Game

http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2012/1/31/2761217/the-tragedy-of-allen-iverson Well here we go again! Yet another very sad article about professional athletes struggling with their transition from the playing days to “Life after the Game. While it’s tempting and almost irresistible to chuckle at these all to common “Rags to Riches to Rags” stories… it’s all to real and happens all to often. As a […]