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James Donaldson on Mental Health Pt. 2

Hey everybody, On this wonderful Memorial Day Weekend Holiday, where we remember and honor those who served our great country, I’d also like to ask all of you to remember and honor those who are suffering mental health challenges and issues that have led to far too many lives ending way too early. Let’s keep […]

Turning the Page After Struggles – 16 Year NBA Vet James Donaldson Wants To Help Young Athletes Shed Mental Health Stigma

Turning the Page: After struggles, 16-year NBA vet James Donaldson wants to help young athletes shed mental health stigma By Special to The Athletic 2  By Art Thiel Prone upon an overmatched bed, 7-foot-2 James Donaldson was affixed with tubes and monitor patches when Lenny Wilkens walked into the room at Swedish Hospital’s intensive care unit. The […]

National Basketball Retired Players Association – NBRPA – Legends of Basketball

I want to take a moment, to thank all of the members of the NBRPA for re-electing me to serve another term as one of your Board of Directors. It is indeed a pleasure, and I really enjoyed my previous term on the board, constantly working on your behalf to make our association the best […]

10 Rules for the Elite Athlete (Excerpt from Standing Above The Crowd) by James Donaldson

10 RULES FOR THE ELITE ATHLETE Professional sports are a collection of multi-billion dollar industries, and the search for new talent gets more intense and competitive every year.  It’s not uncommon for scouts to begin watching promising athletes as early as middle school, and if you have elite talent you’ll soon find yourself with an […]

How The NBA Can Do Better Support Its Players Both During and After The Game Is Over… by Former NBA Player James Donaldson

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/popsspotsportsradio/2014/03/10/how-nba-ncaa-can-support-athletes-guest-james-donaldson-former-nba-all-star I recently did an online radio interview in which I was talking about several different topics facing both collegiate and professional athletes.   We tackled such topics as: – racial issues– stereotypes– mentoring– the “band-aid” approach used by so many pro leagues– paying college athletes?– gay players / homophobia in sports– substance abuse– leveling […]

Whew!!! I’m glad that I did not go to North Korea with Dennis Rodman! by former NBA Player – James Donaldson

Well, it’s all over the news this week that flamboyant, former NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman headed back to North Korea along with a team of former NBA players to conduct an exhibition game as part of the birthday celebrations of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.  I was one of those invited […]