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James Donaldson Book: Black Death: The History and Legacy of the Middle Ages Deadliest Plague by Charles River Editors

It is estimated that approximately 50% of the population in Europe died during the black plague.  The Black Plague ravaged Europe for about four years, and during that time, approximately 70% of the Mediterranean countries populations died, and about 25% of the northern European countries died. The Late Middle Ages had seen a rise in […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

I found this book, Sapiens to be truly fascinating, full of introspective thinking that caused me to think a lot about the origins of the human species, Homo sapiens. The book points out over history, that at least six human species inhabited the earth, and then goes about to try to explain how we, Homo […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Myth of America’s Decline by Josef Joffe

A provocative and contrarian work – filled with great lessons from history – that challenges the pervasive notion that America is on the decline. Once every decade, it is “decline time” in America. In recent years, it has been the unstoppable rise of China that has spelled “finis America.” What the Chinese juggernaut is today, […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Burning of The Reichstag by Charles River Editors

This book is about the historic event of the burning of the Reichstag building in which the Nazis could blame the communist for all of the craziness that was going on at the time. The Reichstag building was the building in Berlin where the elected members of the Republic met to conduct the daily business […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Willie Lynch Letter and the Making of a Slave by Willie Lynch

This was an excellent read into the inside in goings-on of the slave trade, not only here in America, but also in European countries. Believe it or not, it was actually a man named, Willie Lynch, in which this letter is attributed to, as he went about to teach and train slaveholders on how to […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – New York: The Ageless City: 1947 to 1963 by Deaver Brown

The author, details throughout this book about his experiences in growing up in New York City in the 1940s.  Obviously he knows a lot about the city and is very passionate about it.  New York, it’s still the center/Mecca of the United States as far as the media, entertainment and sports. No other city in […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – Meltdown Iceland: How the Global Financial Crisis Bankrupted an Entire Country by Roger Boynes

In this book, “Iceland Meltdown”, it is described about the global economic crisis, especially the housing crisis of the past decade or so.  The book opens with a quote, “when America sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold, and when America has pneumonia, the rest of the world gets seriously ill”.  That’s all […]