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Why Even Have an NBRPA Board of Directors? (Part 1)

A continuation of James Donaldson’s contestation of his unjust removal from the NBRPA Board of Directors.   Question comes to mind which I posed to the board three months ago, why even have a Board of Directors?   _________________________________________________________________________   Here’s my letter to the Board of Directors:     “Sun 4/29/2018 7:11 PM Greetings […]

A Call Out to the Leadership of the NBRPA for its Complete and Total Incompetency by James Donaldson

by James Donaldson About a week ago, the NBRPA had its Annual Summer Summit in Las Vegas, in where a board meeting was held, and several entrepreneurial, marketing opportunities, business opportunities and panel discussion were also held. The event took place on July 10 – July 12, 2018. I for one was not in attendance […]