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James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – Talking Points about Kannaway CBD

Kannaway Is The Let me know if you’re interested in joining my great team. I’ll be working directly with you and it’lll be a great “win-win” for all! Click Here and Join Me! Or check out products you might be interested in here  

Have You Heard About Trunited – The “Absolutely Free” One-of-a-Kind Online Earnings Platform

Question for you? Have you ever come across something that seems “too good to be true”? I recently have, and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s an online earnings platform called Trunited http://www.trunited.com This is an opportunity, that cost you absolutely nothing to sign up and reward you for doing the online […]

James Donaldson on CBD Oil and Benefits – Kannaway Announced as a Top Direct Selling Opportunity by Business for Home

I’ve been a representative Brand Ambassador with Kannaway for several months now. It really is a great “business from home” opportunity, working with professionals with a great feeling of family support throughout. I invite you to join me and my team, and we can all work together in helping to bring forth the benefits of […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Secret of Teams by Mark Miller

This would be a great book for folks in leadership positions, managing teams and building employee morale. The author offers some good insight into: Building teams where people get to know each other deeply serving each other willingly genuinely care for each other I was a business owner myself for almost 30 years, with a […]

Turning the Page After Struggles – 16 Year NBA Vet James Donaldson Wants To Help Young Athletes Shed Mental Health Stigma

Turning the Page: After struggles, 16-year NBA vet James Donaldson wants to help young athletes shed mental health stigma By Special to The Athletic 2  By Art Thiel Prone upon an overmatched bed, 7-foot-2 James Donaldson was affixed with tubes and monitor patches when Lenny Wilkens walked into the room at Swedish Hospital’s intensive care unit. The […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – Life Coach: 3 Books in 1 – by K.L. Hammond

As another New Year unfolds in front of us, ripe with potential, and of course, “New Year’s Resolutions”, one thing that a person might want to invest in to ensure that they stay on track towards reaching their goals, is a “Life Coach”. Life Coaches are essentially mentors who have a vested interest in you, […]

Get Your Free Copy of Standing Above the Crowd Ebook

Standing above the Crowd is a book that will give you fantastic insights about how to “Stand Above the Crowd “versus “Standing out from the Crowd” ….. all without having to be 7 feet tall like your author James Donaldson. You’ll find in this book that I share a lot of success strategies and how […]