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Come Onboard Our Indiegogo Campaign to Support Young Student Athletes

Greetings, my friends;

As most of you surely know, athletics has been a huge part of my life for decades. Being a student-athlete, from high school through college,  and then on to the professional ranks of the NBA, I know the challenges intuitively of what it’s like to be a student-athlete striving toward your dream.

Two of my most intense passions I’ve developed through the years, is (1) a desire to be sure our young students (boys and girls) and student-athletes receive a quality education, and (2) helping and assisting in any way I can for former collegiate and professional athletes to make their transition into “real and every day life. 

With that being the case,  I’ve gone out to put together a great team to help support our current generation of young student-athletes (8th grade – college), with the help of a large community of former collegiate and professional athletes, from all sports, who can give their personal insight, real-life experience and expertise on how best for our young student-athletes to navigate the trek they are on, which hopefully, at least, culminates in a college degree.

Our new program is called the Athletes Playbook, an online digital media platform, which will not only include all of the great expertise from former athletes but also have a college planning program and mentoring program to offer as well.

Having young people involved with sports is a great way to develop character, integrity, self-esteem, self-confidence,  goal setting, teamwork, lessons of “winning and losing”, of which I have taken all of those traits and continue to live my life with.

I’m asking you personally to join us in supporting the Athletes Playbook. At this phase, we are developing a “beta-test model” which will start out here in Seattle, Washington, and then gradually be able to work with student-athletes from around the country.

Please click here on the Athletes Playbook,  for more information about our campaign.

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James Donaldson’s Book Review Report: Martin Luther King Jr Speech – “Where Do We Go From Here?”

Where Do We Go From Here - From A Call To Conscience


I woke up this morning listening to the “Where Do We Go from Here” sermon by Martin Luther King Jr. It still amazes me how relevant his speeches and sermons are in today’s world, since the first spoke them over 50 years ago.

The thing that most put a smile on my face this morning was the fact that he reminded me that “I am somebody”. (smile!)

King went on to say that at the end of the day, nonviolence is still the answer. And when we look around today’s world to see the uprisings in the Middle East, anti-US protests sprouting up everywhere, and I read in the newspaper this morning that China and Japan are going at it yet once again. What a crazy world we live in!

Martin Luther King Jr. said that he is concerned about a Better World. He’s concerned about justice, he’s concerned about truth and he is concerned about Brotherhood. When one is concerned about those things you should never be an advocate of violence.

King spoke these words which really caused me to think… “Through violence you may murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder”, “Through violence you may murder a liar, but you can’t establish truth”, “Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can’t murder hate through violence.

Sen. Edward Kennedy makes a wonderful introduction with “Where Do We Go from Here”, one of the landmark speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This is one of King’s best speeches as he talks to America and the American Negroes about where do they go from here.

King is encouraging voter registration drives, he’s encouraging them to straighten up, and stand tall because, “a man cannot ride your back if you stand up straight”.

He is also talking about community reinvestment acts for banks and homeownership for more people.  King was way of ahead of his time it seems as he inspires people to begin thinking on these things.  He applauded the new homeownership bill that was introduced at that time.

Also King was involved with “Operation Breadbasket” and he spoke frequently and strongly of black owned banks.


Below are some great quotes from this sermon as delivered by Martin Luther King Jr.

“The Negro still lives in the basement of the “Great Society”” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Due to what has been done to the Negro through the ages, he has no resources for which to better his existence in America” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“The Negro is still at the bottom, despite the few who had penetrated to slightly higher levels” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Mobility for the Negro is still tightly restricted.  There is usually no bottom at which to start, and very little room at the top” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“In consequence, the Negro finds himself being in on an “impoverished island”, within an affluent a society” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“The Negro did not do this to himself, “it was done to him”.  For more than half his existence in America he was a slave” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Of the good things in life, the Negro has half of what whites do.  Of the bad things in life, the Negro has a double portion of what whites do” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“The Negro must throw off the mantle of self – abrogation.  And say to himself and the rest of the world, I am somebody.  I’m black, I’m beautiful and I’m proud.  I am a person, and I have a rich and noble history no matter how painful and exploded at history has been” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Just beatifically and wonderfully said!!!

Here’s to love, truth, respect and peace for all!

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James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil Flore

How is your 2018 start to the New Year going so far?

Are you sticking on track with your “New Year’s Resolutions” so far? Or, after only a couple of weeks, have you already discarded that for another time or “next year”?

What’s up with that? Personally, I think it’s just part of human nature in which we tend to be overly optimistic, and on many occasions, “bite off more than we can chew”, with good intentions every step of the way.

That’s okay though, in this book, “The Now Habit”, it talks all about procrastination and helps us put some steps in place to quit procrastinating, and take advantage of the time we have right now and be much more efficient with our time.

All of us are very busy, and we have tons of things that we’re trying to “multitask” with.

In this book, the author, Neil Fiore, shows us how to deal with such things as:


  • Overcome the perfectionism and fear of failure that lie behind procrastination
  • Benefit from making positive statements about work instead of sabotaging yourself with negative statements
  • Make your worry work for you
  • Use the “Unschedule” time-management techniques
  • Assist the procrastinators in your life in overcoming their problems

I think overall, more than anything, it’s about approaching your goals and schedule “realistically” and taking those “baby steps” toward reaching your goals. I like to tell people, that even though babies are taking “baby steps” they tend to “fall forward” more times and not. So even “baby steps” will get you where you want to get to, eventually.

Take a look at this book, and see what you think and how it might be implement it into your life to help you overcome procrastination, and turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

One really interesting point I took from the book, was the author talked about “the fear of failure vs. the fear of success”. I thought that was very interesting, and it’s so true that both of those fears, will stop us in our track and have us procrastinating to the point where we just can’t get going again.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and learned quite a bit from it!


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James Donaldson’s Book Review – He-Motions: Even Strong Men Struggle by T.D. Jakes

Wow, this was an incredible book that I just happen to stumble upon, at a time recently when I was going through troubling times myself. Men, typically keep a lot of their thoughts, fears, struggles and uncertainties bottled up inside of them, because most of us have not learned how to reach out to the support and resources that are all around us, because even we either don’t know how to identify them or don’t trust in them.

In this book, “He Motions” by T. D. Jakes, Jakes gives us such great insight onto how men typically work and think and end up carrying the burden alone, but at the same time, he shows us and teaches us how to build a better network of supportive men, a supportive significant other and a supportive family and peers all around us. Most men don’t know how to do this.

I know for myself, 2017 was very challenging year and a lot of regards, and found myself often dealing with my struggles alone because I didn’t think anybody else would understand, or I didn’t want to be viewed as a “failure” and not being able to handle my business. I’m so glad that I was able to reach out to a select group of “mainly man”, who have all been very understanding, supportive, and right there for me. All of them have offered to be there in the wee hours of the morning if I just need some to talk to. That is so comforting, and there’s something about “men being able to understand men”, just as “women being able to understand women”, but in this book, T.D. Jakes shows us how to involve our significant others in a nonthreatening, nonjudgmental way in which we will feel supported and appreciated for the person we are.

Here are some thoughts that T.D. Jakes shares with us and asks us throughout the book.

Do you find it difficult to express how you feel and what you need in your personal relationships? Do you have trouble communicating and developing relationships with other men? Does the weight of responsibility drag you down? Do you wonder why it seems difficult to get the support and encouragement you need from your wife? Do you often feel that there is a stronger, more effective leader inside you waiting to be developed? Do you wonder what God’s plan is for you?

And ladies, He-Motions is also for you. Inspirational and refreshingly honest, this is the ultimate source for women seeking to comprehend and care for the men in their lives. It helps you decode men’s often baffling behavior and provides eye-opening insights for greater intimacy and healing in your relationships.

T.D. Jakes, even though he is a “man of the cloth” doesn’t come across in this book as overly “preachy”, and even shares a lot of his own personal experiences in dealing with the opposite sex and some of his own fears and insecurities that he is dealt with throughout his life.

A fantastic book not only for men, but for women as well.

I’ve always been one who looks at my life as a “continued pursuit of learning”, and with this book, even at 60 years of age, I learned a tremendous amount and how to unload so many of these burdens that I carry along inside myself, onto a supportive group of friends who I can count on to get me through.

I highly encourage you to get this book!


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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Life Coach: 3 Books in 1 – by K.L. Hammond

As another New Year unfolds in front of us, ripe with potential, and of course, “New Year’s Resolutions”, one thing that a person might want to invest in to ensure that they stay on track towards reaching their goals, is a “Life Coach”.

Life Coaches are essentially mentors who have a vested interest in you, since you are taking the time and effort and resources to investing yourself. They typically are people who have “been there done that”, and have a very good idea and strategy on how to get you from “Point A to Point B.”

This book, “Life Coach” was chock-full of information about the benefits of having a life coach, and also if you feel so inclined, how to go about becoming a life coach yourself. A lot of good resources, and how to become certified, how to set up your own life coaching business, etc.

I’m thinking of getting a certification myself, especially in my area of passion, which is education, and also helping former professional/collegiate athletes make the transition from their playing days on to their next career. So many athletes need help in that area, and I feel like I’ve been able to successfully transition, but it was with the help of a lot of great mentors, coaches, teachers, which I continue to utilize to this day.

With life coaching, you can positively impact can transform the lives of your clients, and watch and help them to achieve the goals that they used to only dream about, but now are actively taking steps towards reaching.

So, in getting 2018 off to a great start, consider bringing a life coach on board to help you achieve your dreams!


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James Donaldson’s Book Review – The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History by Kevin Sullivan

Wow, I mean, wow!!!…. that’s all I can say.

Of course, I’ve heard about Ted Bundy over the years, and knew some of the general details about him and his case, but I never would’ve imagined, the graphic details that this book goes into and the high stress and tension it created throughout parts of the country during his reign of terror.

Who would’ve thought!?

Here he was, a bright young man, law student, political ambitions, good looking, but yet underneath that outer covering, raged evil itself.

This book states to provide the most comprehensive history about Ted Bundy. I haven’t read all the books out there, but I would say there’s not much that could have been left out, including court transcripts, interviews with people who knew him personally and actual words from Bundy himself.

If you like “true crime” stories, this will be one to put its top your list!

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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Political Incorrections by Bill Maher

This was a hilarious collection of opening monologues from Bill Maher, taken from his previous show, “Politically Incorrect”. If it doesn’t have you doubling over in laughter, it will at least bring a smile to your face as you think back over the years on the various topics that Bill talks about. Of course, he goes over the Clinton years, Bush years, the OJ trial, and so many other crazy things we’ve lived through over the last couple of decades.

Once in a while, due to not having the current “context” the jokes and humor falls flat, but for the most part, if you are in any way a Bill Maher fan, you will get him and get this book as well.

I like good humor, especially stuff that’s relevant and current.

Enjoy this very funny read!