James Donaldson from Swedish Hospital (July 16 2018)

Another round of surgery scheduled,…. today!!! This is what the doctors were fearful of, that is the bacterial infection that I picked up during my subclavian steal syndrome bypass procedure three weeks ago or so, has to be removed (the artificial bypass itself), because it will continue to host the bacteria on itself,and they will […]

James Donaldson Greeting from Swedish Hospital….. again!!! (July 15th 2018)

Now what!!! Greetings everyone, I hope that you’re enjoying the most beautiful summer weekend so far in Seattle. Guess what? I’ve been locked up at Swedish Hospital in Seattle for the last five days, as I came down with a serious bacterial infection (skin and blood) pertaining to the arterial bypass procedure I had done […]

James Donaldson Health Update from Swedish Hospital ( June 26 2018)

Well friends and family, the doctors told me that I need to stay one more night at hospital (that’ll be 6 days total) so I am still here. My neighbors and housemate are taking care of the house and my doggie and kitty friends, so that’s good. I originally came to the hospital (June 13th) […]

James Donaldson Greetings from Swedish Hospital- Seattle Washington

Greetings everyone to all of you from Swedish Hospital in Seattle Washington. If you’ve all been following me recently, unfortunately I’ve been having some cardiac issues going on the last 3 years. Yesterday I had another procedure called a subclavian steal syndrome bypass surgery. Yes, it’s very painful!!! Hope to get home by this weekend […]

Come Onboard Our Indiegogo Campaign to Support Young Student Athletes

Greetings, my friends; As most of you surely know, athletics has been a huge part of my life for decades. Being a student-athlete, from high school through college,  and then on to the professional ranks of the NBA, I know the challenges intuitively of what it’s like to be a student-athlete striving toward your dream. Two […]

National Basketball Retired Players Association – NBRPA – Legends of Basketball

I want to take a moment, to thank all of the members of the NBRPA for re-electing me to serve another term as one of your Board of Directors. It is indeed a pleasure, and I really enjoyed my previous term on the board, constantly working on your behalf to make our association the best […]

The Athletes Playbook: Athletes Helping Athletes

The Athletes Playbook: Athletes Helping Athletes

We are a community of former professional athletes empowering student athletes and parents to design their playbook for success in sports and life