James Donaldson’s Book Review – Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain by Alan Light

Wow, can you believe this is the 30th anniversary of Purple Rain’s release? I’ve been a Prince fan since his very first albums, “For You” and “Prince” and I’ve got all of his albums (vinyl even) in my collection. Because he was such a multi talented performer, who could play just about every musical instrument, […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – MJ: Misunderstood by John Perry

Not much new in this book that we haven’t heard before, as the author traces Michael’s humble beginnings from Gary Indiana all the way to the top of the charts as the “King of Pop”. Michael Jackson easily became the number one entertainer in the world for most of his career, even has, he became […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – Mastering Life After Athletics – 10 Tips for at Risk Teens, Athletes, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs by Byron Williams

Byron Williams does a good job in conveying his story to us about his trials and tribulations of trying to reach his dreams of becoming a professional athlete, published author, sports agent and bodyguard even. It’s an interesting story, even though it’s not to “deep”, it’s written well enough for young people, especially will benefit […]

James Donaldson’s Book Review – American Legends – The Life of Little Richard by Charles River Editors

Book summary: wearing women’s clothing, and makeup, and having a bigger than life personality, this book talks about how the superstar persona of “Little Richard” became one of the pioneers of rock ‘n roll back in the 1950s. He befriended the likes of James Brown, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones (in which […]

James Donaldson Comments On Old School Rap vs. Today’s Version Of It With The Sugar Hill Gang and Rapper’s Delight

Here’s some real “old-school” for everyone out there.  Featuring the Sugar Hill Gang and Rappers Delight.  The Sugar Hill Gang were a trio of Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank and the one the call the Master Gee.  Tavis Smiley just did a terrific show about them this past week that was really interesting. I recently […]