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Suicide Rates Are On the Rise – What You Should Know

Suicide Rates Are On the Rise

Greetings everyone and Happy Weekend to you;

Wow, what a week it has been! Especially, for any of us that are having to deal with mental illness/mental issues/mental challenges.

The high profile suicides of a fashion mogul, Kate Spade, and also of famed celebrity chef and adventurer, Anthony Bourdain, brought to light again the rising rates of suicide in this country since the turn of the century.

What’s causing this? Please check out this PBS feature from June 8, 2018, Suicide Rates Are On the Rise in which they discuss some of the causes of mental illness, how to spot and detect it, and how to hopefully prevent suicides.

I feel very empathetically every time I hear of one of these situations. Whether it was carried through or not. Just knowing that people are going through a very “dark place” in their life, has me intuitively connecting an understanding of what they are going through.

Keep the faith everyone, stay strong and keep hanging in there.

Continue to love each other!


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