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James Donaldson’s Book Review: Planet Carnivore: Why Cheap Meat Costs the Earth? by Alex Renton

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 35 years, and this book falls right into the areas that I have so diligently studied, which give me the reasons for becoming a vegetarian in the first place. Animal exploitation, pain-and-suffering, disease, overcrowded conditions, hormones/insecticides/pesticides, impact on human health, environmental concerns, greenhouse warming, carbon footprints, and so many other reasons.

To start with, I’ve always been an animal lover, and have had a great deal of compassion for all of them, especially the mammalian species, but I’ve learned to care about fish and scaly reptiles as well. After all, they all have a central nervous system, and can feel pain, and can become visibly agitated when harm is about to happen to them.

I was a vegetarian even when I was playing professional basketball in the NBA. I think that was a big reason for my longevity of 20 years of professional basketball, holding up exceedingly well, no arthritic pain even at 60 years of age, and other than a genetic condition with the aorta of my heart, I have been in tip top physical shape and continue to be. I think a lot of it has to do with a vegetarian lifestyle. I get compliments all the time that I don’t look as if I am 60 years of age, nor act like it because I have an abundance of energy and a positive demeanor.

Anyway, back to the book, this book is full of information ranging the whole gamut of the high price that we are paying towards the conditions we are creating on earth, for the nearly 60 billion animals that are alive today for our consumption in the near future. Just the cost of setting aside nearly 60% of the land available on earth, for raising animals and the food to feed them, is a tremendous price to pay in itself.

Even if we were able to cut back on our meat consumption one or two days a week, would be a great step in the right direction. And, I think our overall levels of health would improve as well, seeing that over 2/3rds of all Americans currently are considered “obese”.

Check out this book, and even if it doesn’t cause you to make any lifestyle changes, it would at least give you information and a sneak peek into the future, of the impact we will continue to make on our environment and the planet that we inhabit.

Excellent book!

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