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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Life Coach: 3 Books in 1 – by K.L. Hammond

As another New Year unfolds in front of us, ripe with potential, and of course, “New Year’s Resolutions”, one thing that a person might want to invest in to ensure that they stay on track towards reaching their goals, is a “Life Coach”.

Life Coaches are essentially mentors who have a vested interest in you, since you are taking the time and effort and resources to investing yourself. They typically are people who have “been there done that”, and have a very good idea and strategy on how to get you from “Point A to Point B.”

This book, “Life Coach” was chock-full of information about the benefits of having a life coach, and also if you feel so inclined, how to go about becoming a life coach yourself. A lot of good resources, and how to become certified, how to set up your own life coaching business, etc.

I’m thinking of getting a certification myself, especially in my area of passion, which is education, and also helping former professional/collegiate athletes make the transition from their playing days on to their next career. So many athletes need help in that area, and I feel like I’ve been able to successfully transition, but it was with the help of a lot of great mentors, coaches, teachers, which I continue to utilize to this day.

With life coaching, you can positively impact can transform the lives of your clients, and watch and help them to achieve the goals that they used to only dream about, but now are actively taking steps towards reaching.

So, in getting 2018 off to a great start, consider bringing a life coach on board to help you achieve your dreams!


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