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James Donaldson’s Book Review – No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, The NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald

This was a fascinating look into the world of national surveillance programs, most pointedly at the NSA, in which Edward Snowden played a huge part in exposing for the American population in the world to see.

No matter what your political affiliations, or what you feel about Edward Snowden (American traitor vs American hero), this was still a very interesting read and the author, Glenn Greenwald, did a great job in keeping tabs on Edward Snowden, and having the opportunity to interview him up close and personal and tell his story.

Greenwald fit all of the pieces together, in recounting his high-intensity 10 day trip to Hong Kong (to meet with Edward Snowden) into telling this riveting account of Edward Snowden becoming a man without a country and having to live with his own conscience and personal sacrifices for doing what he did.

No matter what part of the political divide you fall on, it’s still within your rights to at least know how the American government in particular, is keeping tabs on you, your neighbors, neighborhood and community.

Very interesting!

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