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James Donaldson Book Review: Why Men Are the Way They Are by Warren Farrell

Why Men Are The Way They AreAs we all know, relationships are very dicey, fragile and very vulnerable.  Men for the most part, aren’t accustomed to showing their true feelings, and they feel obligated to perform certain roles within relationships.  Men feel obligations (to fulfill certain roles), whereas for the most part, women have choices.  There is no doubt men have different ideas and roles about relationships than women do, (and societal) expectations upon them as well.  Keeping them confined to certain spaces that they feel they need to be.

All hope is not lost though, as men are accumulating more and more information and knowledge about “what makes them who they are” they are now able to more readily apply to a relationship that he feels good about.  Of course, relationships that he does not feel so good about, he will continue to spiral downward and basically the relationship eventually coming to an end of both partners being very unhappy with relationship.

I highly recommend this book to women in particular (and men in general) in order to help both sexes better understand “why men are the way they are”.  It can be a very helpful and insightful opportunity to learn a few more things, and will go a long ways towards helping your relationship on both ends of the spectrum.

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