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James Donaldson’s Book Review – One Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Hope, Deception and Survival at Jonestown by Julia Scheeres

A Thousand LivesWow!… I mean, Double Wow!!!

This was an excellent, fascinating and fantastic book to read.

I know that the story of Jim Jones and Jonestown, has been told many times, in books, made-for-TV movies and documentaries, but this book tops them all!

The author, Julia Sheeres, really helps us to envision exactly what it must’ve been like, for the more than 900 people, who followed Rev. Jim Jones into the Guyana jungles, and then, detail by detail, that I don’t think has been told before, lets us get a glimpse into the frantic, maniacal decline of Jim Jones, as he had all those people, under his spell, and his direction, and led them into mass suicide.

This book mentioned that the investigators were able to discover thousands of notes, handwritten journals, that haven’t been disclosed before, and they were able to piece together a lot more detail than ever has been told.

Even though we know the outcome of the People’s Temple and Jim Jones, this book still has you clinging on every word, and anticipating the next episode as it comes about.

I know this all happened some time ago, and if you don’t know much about Rev. Jim Jones, the People’s Temple and Jonestown, this would be a great time to get up to speed on it.

Because of what happened and Jonestown, “drinking the Kool-Aid” became part of our lexicon, and it refers to anyone who blindly follows another, doesn’t ask questions, and typically ends up with a bad outcome.

I highly recommend this book!


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