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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Lindbergh vs Roosevelt: The Rivalry That Divided America by James P. Duffy

Lindbergh vs RooseveltThis was a fascinating look at two of history’s most visible and popular characters of the early 20th century. Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and, aviation pioneer, an American hero, Charles Lindbergh.

No one knows why the rivalry grew between the two of them exactly, but there was definitely a rivalry. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe it was their personalities. Who knows?

Insightful and engaging, Lindbergh vs. Roosevelt reveals the untold story about two of history’s most controversial men and how the White House waged a smear campaign against Lindbergh that blighted his reputation forever.

Charles Lindbergh was accused (with help from Roosevelt’s White House) of being a Nazi sympathizer, and also be an anti-Semite. He spent the rest of his career living those accusations down, even though popular opinion in folklore continued to paint him in that light.

Lindbergh encouraged and really wanted America to stay out of the war in Europe, but to no avail.

He was hired from time to time to be an aviation expert, and also to help us develop our US airmail system in its early days.

I thought it was an interesting book, and even though I did not know much about neither one of these men, I found them both to be fascinating characters, and both of them carved out a healthy slice of the history of this country.


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