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James Donaldson’s Book Review – How To Sell More Non Fiction E-Books on Kindle by Steven Carley

How to Sell More Nonfiction E-Books on KindleI found this book to be very helpful, for anyone who has an interest in writing e-books and posting them and publishing them with Amazon’s Kindle. The simplicity in which one can put together a book, relatively quickly, market and promote it on Amazon, and then, eventually do a whole series of books, is the new way of publishing creative works of art. Success on the Amazon website is not an overnight process, but with the right tools you should possess the ability of successfully marketing yourself and increasing your book sales

I myself, wrote a hard copy book about three years ago “Standing Above The Crowd: How to Execute Your Game Plan to Be the Very Best You Can Be”, http://www.StandingAboveTheCrowd.com and I’ve even made small e-book variations of certain excerpts of from that book. It was pretty simple, and easy, and even now, my book and experts from it continue to sell and give me something to get out on the “speakers circuit” and promote and market my book.

In this day and age, you definitely do not have to be a “professional”, and anyone, from the comforts of their PC, can generating creative but, and, if you get enough, make additional side income for yourself.Standing Above The Crowd Postcard


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