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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Big In China by Alan Paul

Big In China


I just returned from yet another stay in China (2 months this time) and I had the chance to listen to Big In China by Alan Paul.

He does an incredible job in depicting life in China with the various nuances and customs. people and behavior that he writes about. I love it over there and can relate to everything that he writes about from the ‘Beijing Cough” and not being able to see the sun for days on end because of the smog and pollution, to toddlers with the split open back end pants that are at the ready for a squat or pee anywhere, anytime.

I’m vegetarian, so I was able to convince my hosts that I wasn’t going to eat the awfully strange meats on the table that made their rounds in front of me, but, I witnessed everyone else eating who knows what!

If you haven’t been to China… go!

If you can’t make it, then at least listen to Alan Paul’s great book, Big in China.

Book Summary: ****

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