Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya, China


James at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya - March 2014 (4)As any of you who follow my blog closely realize, I’m a guy who involves myself with quite a few different programs, especially those that are geared towards helping the youth. Be it education, sports, career opportunities,and so forth, but one of my latest interests is in visiting and working with the children at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya, China.


James and David at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sany - March 2014 (2)


James at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya - March 2014 (2)











James and David at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya - March 2014 (2) James and David at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya - March 2014James at Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya - March 2014 (7)Sanya, is a beautiful resort city on the southernmost tip of China on the Hainan Islands.  I had a chance to visit the city recently as I am working with the MGM Grand resorts in mainland China. They have a wonderful spectacular resort property on the Hainan Islands as well. This is China as you would never picture it, with lush green grass and palm trees blanketing the surrounding hillsides, leading all the way down to the sea. Clear blue skies and clear blue water! It was just gorgeous.

The MGM Grand invited me to go along with them to visit an orphanage in which they support on a regular basis by donating money, and also food items, so I gladly tagged along with them. I tell you, it was one of the most touching visits (and I visit plenty of hospitals, senior citizen assisted-living homes, etc.) that I have ever experienced. The children were so wonderful, and the facility, which houses them, along with the very professional staff that cares for them, were just top-notch.

Currently, there are about 35 children who live on the premises round-the-clock, cared for by a staff of about 10 people. Their plans are to expand their facility to be able to handle upwards to 100 children in the next couple of years.

After the visit, I made a vow to both the MGM Grand and Bright Connections, that I would partner with them on many of the basketball related opportunities that we do in China, and actually donate some of the proceeds to their efforts.

In this crazy world that we live in, it’s nice to know that “children are children, and people are people… All around the world.”

I thought I’d share this touching experience with you and that you’d enjoy some of the photos as well.


2 comments on “Bright Connections Orphanage in Sanya, China

  1. Thank you James, for caring and posting your experience at “The Bright Connection”. You are very appreciated…..just what this world needs…more love !
    Sincerely, John and Maggie, Co-Founders, “The Bright Connection”

  2. Reblogged this on Standing Above The Crowd's Blog and commented:

    I thought I’d share this wonderful experience with you that I recently had at a children’s orphanage in China.

    During this celebratory time of the year with the holidays and the New Year upon us, let’s be sure to remember those who are often forgotten among us.

    Share the love for a wonderful and Happy New Year.

    With Love, from James

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