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New Report Details Racial Gap Among US Children – Comments by James Donaldson

Question: is our educational system broken, or is it designed to do exactly what it’s doing?

The question is rhetorical in nature, but it is one of many topics that were covered at a conference (The 15th Annual White Privilege Conference (whoa now, don’t let the eyebrow raising name of the conference scare you away or cause you to prejudge what it is all about) that I attended recently pertaining to disparities, discrimination, prejudice and social biases in our educational system. My presentation at the White Privilege Conference, was in regards to “building international relationships with China and Chinese students”. Here is the link to learn more about the conference in general www.whiteprivilegeconference.com

The article that I m sharing today is about the new report http://news.yahoo.com/report-details-racial-gap-among-us-children-040302563.html that details the racial gap among US children, confirms and reconfirms the conversation that is been swirling around this issue for at least the last few decades. My presentation at the white privilege In my 30+ years of working with our “at risk and disadvantaged children” (of which I continue to do, even by attending an annual breakfast  for the Fifth Annual A+ Youth Program here in Seattle scheduled for April 2), I still see so much work to do, and challenges ahead, as overall, the statistical data pertaining to our “students of color” haven’t changed much over the years.

A PLUS Changing the Game Breakfast

My take is, “we all have our hands in this” and there is involvement on all sides of the equation in which we all can do better in.

One of the significant things that I see different in working with the international students from China and the various study abroad programs that I do, is that there is “buy in” from everyone concerned, ranging from the parents, school officials, government officials, teachers and, students. The expectation is “you will go to school, you will graduate, you will attend college (if by any means possible), you will graduate, you will move on to attain a meaningful career, you will circle back and take care of family/parents, and contribute back into the community.” So, there is a different set of “expectations”, that maybe we ought to look at adopting here in the US.

What is the “expectation” that we have for our students, no matter what color?

Most importantly, as as always been stated, “the children are our future, and we need to prepare them as best we can.”

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