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James Donaldson’s Book Review – True Compass: A Memoir by Senator Edward Kennedy


True Compass - A Memoir



I can’t say that I’ve ever been a huge Sen. Edward Kennedy fan, but in reading this memoir, True Compass, I was able to get a much more in-depth look behind not only the image, but also the man, Sen. Edward Kennedy.


I followed the Kennedy clan throughout much of my adult life, so I’m very familiar with the various personalities and achievements of the Kennedy family going back nearly 100 years.  Sen. Edward Kennedy was always perceived as the “rascal” of the group, who, probably because of 

his being the baby of the bunch, seemed to be riding on his family’s coattails for the most part.


Kennedy does a good job of peeling back some of the “layers of the onion” and letting us get an up close and personal look at some of his own personal demons, challenges, addictions and rivalries (both political and non-political) that he dealt with sometimes “oh so out in the open and public” (the Kennedy’s had a family oath to try their best to deal with issues in private as much as possible).  I learned so much more about him and gain a new level of respect for not only him, but his many accomplishments, especially later in his life when he spent his “political capital” on new up and comer, Barack Obama, instead of on the Clintons in 2008 for the Presidential Election.


Of course, there’s still a lot of suspicion and mystery surrounding him and the whole Chappaquiddick thing, but I guess there’s always going to be a “certain amount of intrigue with the Kennedy’s”.


The book flows nice and easy, so even though it’s lengthy, it’s easy to comprehend and go with the flow.

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