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James Donaldson’s Book Review: Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary – Revolution by George Barna





Barna goes into pretty good detail of the ongoing changes and evolution of the Church as we know it.  Of course, things are always changing, but the Church(s) find themselves in a more precarious position than ever before because people around the world, are more educated, 

technologically advanced and living in a instantaneous world than ever before.  So, the Church is not dealing with “your grandparents congregations” any longer where church authority isn’t challenged either obliviously or subtlety.


One of the strategies the churches are using more than ever is to expand their reach into 3rd world countries, but that is changing the overall demographics in directions that not everyone is totally comfortable with.


The Church has also brought of the scrutiny and doubts upon itself with a series of scandals ranging from molestation and rapes to outright corruptions.  So, people are naturally looking for alternatives and in this day and age, there are more alternatives available than ever before.


Also, the Church has become strangely quiet and absent on so many important “issues of the day”, so they’re missing in action.


Author George Barna offers a few solutions, but admits it’s going to be “an uphill battle” for Church to retain and maintain a serious presence in today’s advanced world of things.

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