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James Donaldson’s Book Review – Anti-Americanism by Jean – Francois Revel


Anti - Americanism



It’s easy to tee off on the high and mighty.. and America has been at the top of things for generations, so this book actually has foreign writer/author Jean-Francois Revel saying a lot of very good things about America that reminds us of American’s greatness.


Sure, America is going through some very challenging times of late with the recession, racial tensions, political dysfunction and the like, plus finally being attacked on her on soil with 9-11, and I guess that Revel just got tired of all of that and have enough of the Anti-America bashing that the world has been engaged in.


Of course, America has a long way to go to reshape and correct the above mentioned issues, and she will, but in the meantime, we all have to stay focused and level headed as we get through all of this together.


I thought this was a good and refreshing read that I really enjoyed!

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