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James Donaldson’s Book Review: After Fidel: The Inside Story of Castro’s Regime and Cuba’s Next Leader

After Fidel.jpeghttp://www.audible.com/pd?asin=B002V5BTL6  

The author, Brian Latell, does a fabulous job in telling the journey of Fidel Castro from an upstart rebel to a revolutionary figure who dared take a stand against the powerful neighbor to the north in the United States.  Who would have thought that he would outlast US Presidents and other world leaders throughout the last 50 years!

The Bay of Pigs, the Kennedy’s, the heated rhetoric between the two neighboring countries of the US and Cuba, this dynamic has been in place for the last couple of generations.

Although he is in the twilight of his life and the curtain is closing quickly, he is still a figure and personality to be dealt with.  Even though he has passed the daily powers of running Cuba on to his “not much younger” brother, Raul, several years ago, Fidel is still the person who we all readily attach to Cuba and it has been that way for half a century.

Things will change in a hurry (if not drastically) when the Castro Brother exit from the world stage, question is, how will the United States react and behave when the inevitable happens to the Castro Brothers and Cuba is under new leadership.

Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, just left this world recently, so things are always changing and the United States has to be ready.

A great read for history buffs, current event buffs, political buffs and good reading buffs!  I highly recommend this book!

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