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Who Are Your Top 10 All Time Most Instrumental Seattle SuperSonics… Here Are Mine!

I’ve been invited to be a contributing author to an upcoming book on the NBA.  I was asked who are the Top 10 Most Instrumental Seattle SuperSonics of All Time?

Listen to James Donaldson speak about the Top 10 All Time Most Instrumental SeattleSuperSonics – #5 John “JJ” Johnson  http://qwips.com/6vsxze 

Here is my list (going from #10 – #1).  Let me know what you think!

#5 – John “JJ” Johnson

“JJ” gave the title winning championships Sonics the versatility it needed to free up the other players to be more effective.  He was among the first of the small forwards with the ability to play either guard position and run the offense effectively.  He created the “point forward” position.  His selflessness and leadership on the court was one of the reasons that the Sonics were able to win the NBA championship in 1979.



Respectfully submitted and written by:
James Donaldson
Former Seattle SuperSonic 1980 – 1983




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