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Countdown to the NBA Season with my personal experiences of playing against the NBA’s All-Time 50 Greatest Players – Moses Malone

The types of centers that gave me the most difficulty were the ones who were a little bit smaller than I was, just as strong, and super-quick. That was Moses Malone.  On top of that, he was an extremely hard worker who never seemed to tire!  Moses would go down in my book as the most difficult player for my position to play against over the years.  He would just keep coming at you every single minute of the game and could play real solid defense on the other end (a trait that he doesn’t get much recognition for).  I knew going into a game playing against Moses Malone it was going to be a long night, no matter who came out on top.

The game that I remember most was when I was with the Seattle SuperSonics and we played against his Houston Rockets in the playoffs. This was during my second or third year, but I was in the starting lineup most nights and playing a lot of minutes in the rotation just about every night.  Jack Sikma was the starting center and I was the backup center.  Moses wore out both Jack and me to the tune of 38 points and 32 rebounds!  Every NBA player has a game he can remember in which his opponent just went off on him and there was absolutely nothing he could do.  That playoff game back in 1983 was that game for me (and I’m sure for Jack too).



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James Donaldson


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