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A Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad and Loved Ones! Father’s Day is on June 19th!!!

I had a nice Sunday morning (as I do every Sunday morning) chat with my 85 year old Dad, James Sr. today.  He’s so proud of my Standing Above the Crowd book and the fact that it’s dedicated to him.  He’s running all over Sacramento handing out copies to his friends.  He’s especially proud of the fact that I “turned out okay” and that he tried his best to be the best Dad that he could be.


Dedication_-_Standing_Above_The_Crowd_-_2011.pdf Download this file



I had a thought of how nice it is to share love and appreciation with our parent while they’re still around to enjoy it.

I sent my Dad a box of books for his birthday last week and I’ll be sending him another box of books for Father’s Day on June 19th.

If you have a Dad like mine or know of one, order his copy of Standing Above the Crowd now at www.StandingAboveTheCrowd.com  I’ll personally sign it for him and have it mailed to him by Father’s Day.


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