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Life Support Medical General Information – Helps with Fire Detection

Life Support Medical Home Monitoring System:

Life Support Medical offers the most comprehensive in-home wireless Medical Alert System. The system helps people who are aging, suffering health challenges due to illness, live independently and safely at home.

Life Support Medical is the most complete system on the market, yet it is very affordable, and it covers things that most systems fail to.

For example, if a client passes out or is knocked unconscious from a fall, how do they manage to push a button that calls for help? They don’t!

Life Support Medical has an automatic fall detector. If a client passes out, or falls and is knocked unconscious by a hit to the head, this system still makes the call.

The Life Support Medical system places emergency buttons in all the common places people get sick, fall, or suffer accidents at home like besides, stairwells, bathrooms and kitchens.



The Life Support Medical Home Monitoring system offers:

– Fire protection with a state of the art fire detector
– Carbon monoxide poisoning monitoring with a carbon monoxide detector
– Medication reminder with a medication reminder alert program
– An Inactivity Zone monitoring feature for when clients fail to move about during the day
– Flood detector for accidents involving water overflowing in bathrooms and kitchens
– Plus, the 4 Step Fall Protection for when a client/patient falls down and can’t get up:
    o Wearable, submersible pendent or bracelet
    o Clip on waist band “auto – fall” detector
    o Extra large, red, illuminated emergency buttons placed around the residence
    o Inactivity zone monitoring 

If you are interested, reply to this post, and I will send details including a PDF of the product.

Please reply to:

James Donaldson
Authorized Life Support Medical Dealer

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